The Dessert Machine

The dessert machine is a toy that can be used in the context of a dinner, a brunch, a buffet or a party.The machine is a construction facilitating a mechanical chain reaction triggered by food.

Throughout the design process play theory was considered and special focus was set to aesthetic performance of mechanical toys and the pleasure of contemplation.


Playtesting & Findings:

Throughout playtesting the prototype could be further developed and refined. A storyline and elements of dramaturgy (referring to the cherry on top of the cake) could be added by iterating after each round of trial. One important finding has been the fun of failing. The machine’s purpose of dropping toppings onto the cake that slides down a ramp has failed many times throughout the tests. These failed tests have provided almost more pleasure then test runs that have succeeded in hitting the cake as was originally intended.

However, after each test that has been successful all spectators and passers by (that immediately became spectators) have cheered and celebrated together. The dessert machine as an object has quickly attracted people’s attention and has provided as a starter for conversation.

This project was carried out during the course Ludic Interaction.
The members: Sena Çerçi, Rebecca Göttert, Mauricio Struckel, Katarina Thorstensson and Hannah Weiser