The Living Wish Experiment

Travel through Time.

The installation as a prototype

Since the beginning of time humans have fantasized about time travel. Time travel is not really about a machine that can travel through time, not yet. The machine that can travel through time is not an assemblage of parts that work together to perform a function. Until such a machine if ever is invented, the real time machine is the human imagination.
This experiment investigates a concept and the prototype for an interactive and embodied art installation that enables the users to travel through time within their own imagination. The installation is based on defamiliarization as a disorientation technique which is used to actively engage the users’ imagination, provoking rich embodied experiences. Please see the paper submission at SIDeR Conference for a detailed description of the process.

The listening experience through bone conduction and the voice recognition on the computer.
An Arduino detects the user

This concept uses several approaches with a focus on defamiliarization as a gateway to extend the experience and enclose the user. The setup allows an embodied connection between the user and a plant as the wish container. The installation affects both, the user and the plant. Based on this peculiar situation the user is enabled to travel through time.
The rough prototype shows what this experiment is capable of. The concept contains not only involving the body parts but has also an extensive influence on the mind of the user. This concept shows how a rich embodied interaction can be established.

Our prototype contains different technologies, basically bone conductors for transmitting the audio, a webserver for processing the data, the HTML5 speech recognition API and the ResponsiveVoiceJS API. Plus an Arduino-based sensor and microphones.

The code can be found in the Github repo.

  • Jody Barton
  • Mauricio Mendes
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Andrea Serra
  • Dennis Bücker