Interventions in STPLN

Connecting the users of a house of projects.

We worked with STPLN, an open house for people with creative ideas/projects and a makerspace in Malmö, as part of the Design and Social Innovation course. After a deep ethnographic study, we decided to work on how visitors know what projects are present in the building (awareness), how to find them (navigation) and feel part of it (ownership).

To address these challenges and enhance the vision of STPLN as a community, two methods were used. We built a workshop so people working at STPLN could map together a global and shared vision of the projects inside the house and their relationships. We also designed the interventions below to enhance awareness, navigation and ownership of the visitors.

The Coffee network is a coffee tray moved from a room to an other so people from different projects can communicate by writing messages on the mugs.


The Window panel is a proposition to write and draw on the windows in the entrance to claim the space and show the community feeling to newcomers.


The Transparent walls are fake windows and cracks in the ground to reveal pictures of what is happening behind the walls.


The Lunchtime ritual is an invitation to meet during lunch time on Thursday and watch videos together.


The workshop with people working at STPLN.


In the end, we delivered to STPLN all our ethnographic researches (interviews, observations…), our ideas for further interventions and the workshop report.